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Breast Complication Treatment Options

Breast Complication Treatment Options

There are options for each type of breast surgery complication. For each complication there may be surgical and non-surgical approaches. Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the United States so there is more on its problems and solutions. Scarring A scar is a natural part of the wound healing process. Keloids are lumps of fibrous tissue that form at the site of an incision or injury. They are essentially overgrowths of scar tissue that have formed outside the barrier of the original wound or injury. Keloids may look thick, rope-like, or rounded and tend to be darker than the surrounding skin. These troublesome scars do not always heal properly. Laser Treatments for Breast Augmentation Scars Scars can take a year to heal. If your scars are still unsightly after enough time has passed, laser scar removal may help. Manual Massage for Capsular Contraction The best way to treating a potential medical problem or illness is always prevention. While textured breast implants depend on tissue growth to minimize capsular contracture, smooth implants remain soft by moving freely in a loose pocket. A doctor inserts breast implants in a pocket that is intentionally loose, allowing the breast implant to move within the pocket. Therefore, when a patient lies down the breast implants are able to shift to the outside of the pocket and resemble the movement of natural breasts. The loose pocket also ensures that the breasts bounce naturally. To maintain a loose pocket after surgery, plastic surgeons recommend routine massage of the implants in order to stretch out the capsule. Patients should perform breast massages at least twice per day beginning approximately two weeks after surgery. If performed too early, massaging the implants could cause unwanted bleeding around the implant. Starting to massage the implants too late after breast implant surgery may have no effect on capsular contraction. Preventing Implant Replacement Breast implant replacement is increasing in incidence as more women undergo breast augmentation. Research studies on implant replacement have identified factors that increase the likelihood for breast implant replacement. Some of the variables studied in breast implant replacement: age of the breast implants, breast type, breast implant size, technique for insertion of the breast implants, or patient age.

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Mental Health Professional

A mental health professional is a health care practitioner who offers services for improving an individual's mental health or to treat mental illness. This broad category includes psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, clinical social workers, psychiatric nurses, mental health counselors as well as many other professionals. These professionals often deal with the same illnesses, disorders, conditions, and issues; however, their scope of practice differs. The most significant difference between mental health professionals are the laws regarding required education and training across the various professions. Mental health professionals exist to improve the mental health of individuals, couples, and families. Because mental health covers a wide range of elements, the scope of practice greatly varies between professionals. Some professionals may enhance relationships while others treat specific mental disorders and illness. Often, as with the case of psychiatrists and psychologists, the scope of practice may overlap. Most qualified mental health professionals will refer a patient or client to another professional if the specific type of treatment needed is outside of their scope of practice. Additionally, many mental health professionals may sometimes work together using a variety of treatment options such as concurrent psychiatric medication and psychotherapy. Additionally, specific mental health professionals may be utilized based upon their cultural and religious background or experience. Psychiatrists are physicians and one of the few professionals in the mental health industry who specialize and are certified in treating mental illness using the biomedical approach to mental disorders including the use of medications. Psychiatrists may also go through significant training to conduct psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy; however, psychologists and clinical psychologists specialize in the research and clinical application of these techniques. The amount of training a psychiatrist holds in providing these types of therapies varies from program to program and differs greatly based upon region. A clinical psychologist studies and applies psychology for understanding, preventing, and relieving psychologically based distress or dysfunction and to promote subjective well-being and personal development. In many countries, a regulated profession addresses moderate to more severe or chronic psychological problems, including diagnosable mental disorders. Clinical psychology includes a wide range of practices, such as research, psychological assessment, teaching, consultation, forensic testimony, and program development and administration. Central to clinical psychology is the practice of psychotherapy, which uses a wide range of techniques to change thoughts, feelings, or behaviors in service to enhancing subjective well-being, mental health, and life functioning. Unlike other mental health professionals, psychologists are trained to conduct psychological assessment. Clinical psychologists can work with individuals, couples, children, older adults, families, small groups, and communities. Counseling generally involves helping people with what might be considered "normal" or "moderate" psychological problems, such as the feelings of anxiety or sadness resulting from major life changes or events.[16][17] As such, counseling psychologists often help people adjust to or cope with their environment or major events, although many also work with more serious problems as well. One may practice as a counseling psychologist with a PhD or EdD, and as a counseling psychotherapist with a Masters degree. Compared with clinical psychology, there are fewer counseling psychology graduate programs (which are commonly housed in departments of education), counselors tend to conduct more vocational assessment and less projective or objective assessment, and they are more likely to work in public service or university clinics (rather than hospitals or private practice). Despite these differences, there is considerable overlap between the two fields and distinctions between them continue to fade. 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