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Lipoplasty is the direct or indirect surgical excision of excess fat. Liposuction is an indirect method of lipoplasty called suction assisted lipectomy or liposculpture. During a liposuction lipoplasty a surgeon removes fat by inserting thin metal cannulas through small incisions. In direct excision lipoplasty, the surgeon takes away excess fat by surgically cutting the fat out of a patient, typically in conjunction with other body contouring procedures such as a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. Lipoplasty is an ideal procedure for patients who have unwanted genetic fatty deposits that they are unable to do away with despite rigorous exercise and a healthy diet. Doctors cannot emphasize enough the importance of excellent eating and exercise habits for patients who undergo lipoplasty. Lipoplasty is the perfect adjunct procedure to abdominoplasty or a tummy tuck, facelift or rhytidectomy, thighlift or thighplasty as well as other body contouring procedures.

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Some concierge practices do not accept insurance of any kind. These are as cash-only or direct primary care practices. By refusing to deal with insurance companies, these practices can keep overhead and administrative costs low, thereby providing affordable healthcare to patients. They become concierge only if the practice assesses an annual or monthly fee instead of or in addition to a fee for each medical service. Other concierge practices do take insurance, even Medicare, but ask for an annual fee for additional services exclusive of insurance plans. This annual fee is not a substitute for medical insurance, and generally does not cover consultations outside the practice, laboratory procedures, medicines, hospitalizations, or emergency care from other providers. The concierge medicine allows consumers to contract directly with a doctor for complete, Concierge Doctor Access The need for Concierge Medicine is growing as individuals Concierge Doctor Network Concierge medicine is a private medical practice in which the physician Concierge Doctor Global Patients contract directly with a concierge doctor to receive optimal health care, more face time, and 24/7 access Concierge Physician Access Concierge Physician California provides the best care. Physician resources and patient information a Concierge Physician California Concierge Medicine is your premiere destination for unparalleled medical care, vaccinations, blood tests, and a wide array of services Concierge Medicine California Physicians with these exclusive private practices limit the number of patients ... Concierge medicine breathes new life into the trusting doctor-patient Concierge Medicine Private We help find the right concierge doctor. Visit the Society for Innovative Practice Design's physician database. Concierge Physician Find Enjoy a higher level of service. Your privacy, safety, comfort, and success are our primary concern Weight Loss Concierge online Executive Health Program registration for The Executive Health Program Online Executive Health Executive Health offers a comprehensive evaluation and follow-up care to many executives. Global Executive Health Physicians are pleased to offer concierge medical care to patients desiring retainer fee based medical doctor care in New York City. ... New York Concierge Medicine 28-day Residential Drug And Alcohol Rehab Program is the best available. Full Concierge Rehab Treatment to all of our clients Concierge Drug Rehab

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