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Rhinoplasty Complications

Rhinoplasty Complications

Rhinoplasty complications are often relatively minor and correctable, but more serious, debilitating, and uncorrectable complications do occur. Despite the best efforts of talented surgeons, unanticipated technical problems can and do occur during surgery that can lead to a complication. Rhinoplasty revision surgery is a nose operation performed to correct or revise an unsatisfactory outcome from a previous nose surgery. An unsatisfactory outcome occurs from 5% to 20% of nose surgeries. There are two main reasons for performing secondary nose surgery. Patients often seek secondary nose surgery to correct a cosmetic deformity of the nose. A patient may be unsatisfied with all or part of a previous nose reshaping. The reduction of the nasal fracture may be not enough, or too much. Inappropriate addressing of a prominent or bulbous nasal tip may have not been or over-aggressively. The nose looks pinched; it may look like a parrot's beak, or like a boxer's nose. Nose surgery may have left a nose aesthetically unappealing to a patient in many ways. Another reason for rhinoplasty revision is functional. The original nasal surgery may have been to help with difficulties in breathing and the outcome may have been unsatisfactory. Alternatively, the original cosmetic surgery disrupted a normal physiologic mechanism involving the inspiration or expiration of air, making it difficult to breathe. Secondary nose surgery is a procedure often said to be extremely complicated. Because the surgery may destroy or deform nasal framework, nose surgery experts must frequently reconstruct the support structures of the nose using cartilage grafts either from the ear or from rib cartilage. Advances in nose surgery techniques, such as stabilization of rib cartilage grafts and utilization of the open approach, now allow satisfactory results in secondary nose surgery.

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